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    I currently have Sky+ downstairs and upstairs, was thinking of cancelling sky and buying a freesat box, as Sky is expensive per month now as it hardly gets watched.

    What i was thinking tho, if i buy a freeview card from Sky can i use the existing boxes and just watch freeview with no monthly costs, also would i still be able to record ?



    Think you are getting freeview and freesat mixed up. No you will not be able to record without a minimum subscription to sky. With a current sky dish why not go freesat, you will have to buy a freesat box though.

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    I thought with freeview and freesat you got the same channels, only difference freesat comes thru the dish and freeview thru an aerial.

    Been looking at the freesat boxes but they are quite expensive

    if you have white viewing cards then once subscriptions are cancelled the boxes will still decode as a freesat box. there are slight channel differences tho; it's best to look on freeview webpage and freesat pages.

    As for sky+ recording functionality, without subscription to a sky package it would be £10/month as this is a service provided by sky. On a side note a friend of mine has no subscription and recording function is working again.

    Hope this information helps.

    maplins £229 just an example

    my understanding is that if you have a sky box and you stop paying the subscription, it will become a freesat box and you will get the basic channels through it. We've got an old sky box connected up without a card and it works fine. The only thing is that you get BBC London on 101 and need to go up to the 990's to get the local bbc chanel

    If you don't pay for Sky you won't be able to use Sky+ function I think (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Another option is a Humax Fox Sat HDR you can use your existing dish and record/pause progs and have BBC and ITV1 in HD. Great bit of kit if you can afford it (around £225).

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    Thanks guys, will have a look into the Humax freesat box

    lots of people including me have phoned sky up too cancel and have got it for half price so if that's any good to you try that first maybe?
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