sky+ to sky hd will this work?

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Found 28th Oct 2007
at the moment i have a v+ box from virgin, but want more hd, as i was with sky 18 months ago i thought i would give them a ring to see about reinstating my account, she offered me the sky+ box for £49 free install, so am i right in thinking that i can get the sky+ box sell it immediately ,then buy a sky hd box off ebay and just swap them over or is their more to it than that cheers

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Nope you need a SKY hd subscription which I think is about £20 more a month

Might be able to but I cant say for certain.

If you have Sky+, you can buy a Sky HD box and plug it straight in (Sky HD uses the same connections as the Sky+ box).

Then whack your card in the Sky HD box, ring them up to pair the card with the new box & get them to activate the HD channels (£10 per month more). The only thing is, the top package will then cost you over £50 per month..............

I had a similar question on an AV forum, according to them the BBC HD channel is free you just need an HD sky box and a valid (not HD) sky card.

And the ]Channel 4 HD station will be free when it starts.

Also think BBC HD is free as well!

TBH - I just can't justify the £10 a month extra charge for the HD service that Sky offer!

Why bother spending all that cash on a HD box if you dont subscribe to the HD channels (movies, sport etc).

Either do it properly, wait til they drop the £10 sub, or get a HD Technomate box with dish & get the FTA HD channels from overseas
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