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Posted 31st Dec 2019

Just cancelled my Sky TV contract ! The cost has gone to £82.00 a month . They will send packaging to return Sky Q box .Will I be required mini box that I purchased ? Chee
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If you bought the mini box separately I can't see how they can claim it as theirs
I thought not ! Let’s see what offers I receive to stay
You have to return all Sky Q equipment, no matter what you paid for it. The equipment belongs to Sky.
What will you do now, watch Freeview, IPTv or virgin?
£82 a month. No wonder you left.

No wonder folks get iptv instead. Less than £40 for the year.
I think it’ll be Virgin unless they offer a too good to refuse offer !
Should be able to get it for 40 odd quid. They will call you back within a week
ajfrenchie20024276331/12/2019 17:59

I think it’ll be Virgin unless they offer a too good to refuse offer !

I wouldn’t hold your breath. I left 6 months ago and all the offers I get through email or post cost more than what I was paying before. Seems that they have stopped the good offers they used to do a few years ago
Well If that’s the case I’ll leave
What deal was you on and how much of a jump? I cancel almost every time my contract ends and normally there is an offer on the sky box have a search though the options. They will be in touch through the retentions team to try to keep you.
£1000 per year to watch TV !. Thats just silly.

reeview and netflix is enough with HDCinema for movies
I dropped the multi-room from £82 - £38 a month
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