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Posted 10th Jun

Im in my last 30 days of my sky contract and im wondering if theres any tips so i can get another 18 month contract before i call them.

I rang up last month when i wasn't in my cooking off period and the very best they could do was £101 for the full package including fibre.

Im currently paying £72 for the same package.

Thanks 🏼
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Six years worth of tips here.....

Sky Discussion
It's also worth looking here to see how others are getting on with any deals/haggling

Sky retentions
Get now tv most of the best channels for a lot less money!
Agree now tv much better
Fire Stick and IPTV. Even cheaper.
£101 sounds a tad harsh for an out of cooking off period tbf.
Freesat, amazon Prime and Netflix. Also considering Disney Plus, but don’t think worth it yet.
What where you cooking? Anything nice?
Start the process of leaving, leave for a day then negotiate to reconnect. Seperate broadband from tv, and look for a better deal such as the Vodaphone ones posted.
Ukguy10110/06/2020 10:57

Get now tv most of the best channels for a lot less money!

Not really the same is it?
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