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    Wonder if anyone can advise me of the best way to get a discount on Sky TV? I've got the full sky package (inc phone, broadband and full movie/sports channels) and have had for 2 years.

    I am looking to try and get the price down from £71 as much as possible. In people's experience is it better to this over the phone or online?

    Another option is that we could cancel and set up under my partners name as we are about to move house and will have a new address so it will be a new account... Would this give a better discount (and if so does anyone know a way to get half price etc on a new deal)?

    Thanks in advance!


    I would phone up and they should give you a good discount as you have been with them for a couple of years. Just say you would like to cancel your subscription and they'll put you through to their retentions dept. However, they usually want to tie you in to a further 12 month contract. Having said that if you are moving house then I would go for the change of name and use Quidco to get a great new customer deal.

    I would set up again in your partners name and use quidco or topcashback. Free to sign up to them and you can pay £5 to be a premium member to get cashback quicker. I got £200 cash back doing this, making the monthly bill well worth it.

    oh and you'll also get a new sky box too!

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    Thanks guys. Any idea where I could get another 50% off code for new members?

    Groupon usually do a offer think it's 50% off if you buy a £15 voucher

    Sky don't like me. Been with them for over 10years and all I get is £13 discount. Others are more lucky.

    If you're only paying £71 that's well under the 'full package' price. I'd keep quiet if I were you!!

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    When I first got it there were loads of half price offers so 70 quid seems a lot now!

    We have been with sky for around 7 years, when we rang up to cancel we were offered us a measly discount! We decided to stick firm and they called us last Sunday to offer us our existing package albeit no F1 channel and no sky movies for £16pm but still retaining HD!

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    Problem is we only use it for movies and football so useless without that!
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