Posted 31st Dec 2022
we have been with Sky for 15 years for both Internet and tv.
we have only ever had their basic TV package apart from having multi room for the extra mini box in the bedroom and the HD package.
breaking it down the HD package was always a rip off as HD in 2022 is old news, not like its 8K.
the Internet over the last year has gone from bad to worse to the extent where none of us can connect with our phones and have to use our data allowance.
we never had sports or movies, only the standard package with 76mb Internet.
every time i did a speed check ut would say 46mb.
when I'd question Sky their reply was always... well we are sending 76mb to the router !
my reply was, so if the wate rboard send golden water to my tap but ckear water comes out, am i a millionaire ?
anyway, after Christmas my bill was due to increase to almost £120..
this is for 76mb Internet but getting 46ish
basic channels, no movies or sport but with mini box.
decided to cancel and gone with Vodafone 64mb Internet and sky have converted my hox to freeview for £5 a month so £30 a month vs £120 for pretty much the same thing.
but, although ive never used it, my Samsung tv has Samsung tv plus which is a free service providing about 100 channels of everything and only a fraction of the ads that Sky had.
there is a channel showing Laurel and hardy all day and night and others showing films.
i will never ever go back to sky.
£90 a month saving so £1080 a year.
hope others read this and give them the boot too.
they have an annual price increase on every package so can add £20+ a year.
i know there are Amazon sticks and other boxes around but i dont really watch tv much so wouldn't benefit from one.
hope loads of others give them the boot too.
happy new year
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    Being realistic, you could do even better. You’re paying £5 a month to Sky for FREEview. You might as well cancel them altogether. Your TV will have Freeview built in so you could watch it directly on there without Sky’s box. Or even if you want to record you could get a box for a minimal cost.

    If you have a TV Aerial for example CeX will sell you a box that has HD Freeview as well as all the on demand content with no ongoing monthly costs for super cheap. Even if you want to use the dish you can get a Freesat box. More expensive upfront but then you never have to pay a penny to Sky again.
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    Mad you are.
    I got a deal from sky some 15-20 years ago.
    Dish, box and install for £75 for 6 months. Basic channels.
    Cheaper than an Ariel install.
    Cancelled at 5 months and been using it as free view ever since.
    Viewing card stopped and needed a new one.
    Just took it out and carried on.
    When a box gives up I just got another for £10 - £15 off eBay.
    For the last 4 year I’ve given up on live tv.
    So just dumped it all in the bin.
    Pay a small fee for access to Disney, Netflix etc with friends.
    64mb broadband with Now broadband for £21 a month.
    Had one dropout in 18 months. (edited)
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    Providers depend on misplaced loyalty to make money from a commoditised service.
    Yep, entirely agree. I thought I was on to a good deal by staying with sky for many years, but after taking a look at what we have Vs what we use it was clear to see that pretty much any other service would be better. We switched to Plusnet for broadband and Netflix+freeview for TV.
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    Wondering what took OP so long to realise his folly over the years ! Enriching Uncle Rupert evermore.

    Glad he has become aware, though, now.
    Every 18 months (sky contact length) we would call them to cancel and they would give us a really decent deal and because we had multi room and mini box upstairs it was easier than getting an antenna fitted as no other way of getting tv channels at the time without sky.
    After a while the Internet went dodgy and wouldn't allow my daughters iPhone to connect, then my other daughters iPhone started to not connect, followed by 6 months later my wife's and my Androids would not connect.
    Actually thats untrue, they all connect to the router with a strong connection but will not connect to the Internet even though other devices are connected.
    Tried everything including 2 new routers.
    So that was the breaking point that pushed me to leave.
    Also the fact that their loyalty.... hmmm... was gonna add another £20 to the bill in late January.
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    Is your router connected to master socket? I had internet speed issues with Sky and they said that their speed coming to my house is correct even though my speed test showed otherwise. Long story short, it turned out my modem wasn’t connected to master socket which affected speed. Once I plugged it to master socket my connection speed was correct.
    Yes it is thank you, although i worked I T for many years my friend works for BT openreach and he checked everything from both ends of the line, my house and tge cabinet in the street and couldn't find the problem.
    As i said, the tv and other devices connect fine including my laptop, but mobile phones and tablets just drop out or do not receive Internet even though they are connected to the router.
    Its very strange..
    Vodafone is being installed soon so hopefully that will sort it as my brother is on Vodafone and we have no problems there..
    Happy New year
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