Sky tv + broadband deal *retention* £66.00 pm

Posted 28th Jan
Hi all,

I thought I’d post this as I think I got myself a pretty decent deal. I was on a tv only package of Sky Sports (HD), Entertainment, Cinema and Kids for £53.00pm which rose to £64 approx. After speaking to an agent the best they could offer for the same package was £51.00 pm. I told them I would cancel and so they transferred me to the retentions team. They offered me all have for £46 pm and sky super fibre for £20.00, totalling to £66.00 pm for 18 months. Can’t complain about that to be honest, saving £15.00 month (tv bb combined).
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They saw you coming imo!
I just got a new customer order of Q 1tb uhd, movies, sport, full hd, super fast broadband for £65 so I don’t think this is all that.
This is not a good deal. If you put your cancellation in you’ll get an offer on your account for Ent & Sports Hd for £25. Movies can be added for £7, Kids £1, Box Sets £1. Total £34.

Then the fibre and even free anytime calls I got offered last week for £18 after cancelling sky talk/broadband.

Total now is £52. You need to try harder and stick with the cancellation and you’ll get some better offers.
Thanks guys, I’ll call and cancel and see what I can get
I pay £40 for Sports(HD) & Entertainment and all other channels in HD.
My standard BB of £8.99 has come to an end! Retentions are useless!
Anyone know where I can get
a similar deal to this please?
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