Sky tv card not working

    My sky card for the free channels has been working fine up until today, Instead of showing the channel content it shows a message saying that this card is not compatible.

    Is it possible that sky can disable and activate sky card from their control centre ?


    I appreciate you're problem but did you need to tell us FOUR times!! lol :-D

    Back on track - sorry I don't know but I'd guess it was poss but unlikely

    yes they can

    Have you thought about contacting them, contacting them, contacting them, and contacting them?

    Or perhaps that was the problem!!!!

    When i cancelled my contract with them once i had to phone them to get them to activate my card so i could get the free channels, ring them and see what they say.

    " Is it possible that sky can disable and activate sky card from their control centre ? 2

    Yes of course it is, normally they do not bother de-activating cards unless the card was gained from a suspect source though.

    I have cards that have been working fine for years.

    If you have not used the card for a few days it can sometimes become inactive. In any event I suggest that you leave the card in the box on channel 501 for up to 3 days or so when, with any luck, it will get reactivated. This has worked for me on two occasions.

    Agreed, however no need to leave it on any specific channel, any will do.;-)

    Sounds like the EMM's just need to update. Leave on Channel4 for a night or so, should update.
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