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Posted 28th Jul
We should be free to cancel tv contracts if there are price rises during the minimum term. If they agree on a price for 18 months then they should honour it. Ofcom needs ro do something about this.
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Unfortunately there will be small print saying they reserve the right to increase the price once a year in line with inflation. If outside of that or additional then I believe you get 30 days from the date of them notifying you of another increase to cancel free of charge

I think
This is why sky etc keep the rises below the 10% threshold (I think it’s 10%) as above that you can walk away. You can however be sneaky if you want to leave what to do is upgrade and enter a new contract then cancel without penalty as your within your cool off period.
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Or, if one signs up to an 18 month contract without reading it one should expect to pay whatever is demanded. For over 8yrs, I believe, Sky have written in the contracts that there might be one annual price rise of no more than 10%. You agree to this when you take out the contract. Same with mobile tariffs. If it’s two rises or one over 10% you have a right to leave.
it’s if they increase by 10% then you can cancel.

but this is on the package full price, not your deal price.

for example, if you’re paying £10 for a package that real cost is £20, and they up the price by £1.50, you cannot cancel.

they always up the price by 9% anyway
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