Found 8th Apr 2011
I have just come to the end of my years free HD subscription and was wondering if there were any decent Sky deals around?

Am out of contract so threatening them with Virgin isn't a problem, just wondered what's around

If it helps I have all channels except movies, sports and filth, Sky talk (the free one), max BB. Line rental is still with BT

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check quidco, I know they had £120 cashback last week

Keep phoning up they gave me half price for 6 months on a 30day rolling contract. Doesn't include HD package but included everything else TV wise.

i got full package with hd and espn for 45 for next 6 months , just phone up and plead poverty , they way i usually get it , is i tell them i cant afford it no more and they try and reduce my package and i say i dont watch the other chanels and if i cant watch the sport theres no point in me having it , then they will put me through to someone else and they say 'so you want to leave 'and i say i cant afford it and they say well what if i can reduce your bill abit and im like go on then but i doubt it , then blah blah blah blah and i end up with ether a third or half off for 6 months to a year

i aint paid full price for sky for past 2 / 3 years

and if you dont have movies or sport , your probably better off on a freeview box

Just realised from this thread that mine was due for renewal! Called and asked the girl on the phone what deal she could do and gave me half price package on a 30 day rolling contract (like above)
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