Sky TV Half Price with Free HD for 12 Months (Last Years Customers - Time for promotion to expire - what to do?)

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Found 21st Nov 2010
Hi all,

Not very experienced with posting threads so hopefully this is right.

I was one of so many who took advantage of the Sky TV deal (stated in title) this time last year. It's now time for this 12 month promotion to expire (Early December for me) and I as wondering what all those people who signed up are going to do?

I for one do not want to start paying full price for this service, with all the posts about returning customers getting this offer on a month by month rolling contract term basis, I wonder if theres anyway to keep this price rolling on in to the future?

Any comments/advice will be greatly appreciated!


When my 12 month contract expired I phoned them and said I was thinking off cancelling as I dint watch much tv (which is true) they reduced the price for 6 months to £10. Did the same again after 6 months. I find that works for me. Give that a try.

2 friends of mine called to say they were cancelling-one got the offer extended for six months and the other just got told "ok then,we will cancel"-no offer,nothing-they didnt seem to care! seems to depend who you speak to.

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Thanks for the feedback...

I'm guessing ill just have to ask to cancel (as keeping my package at £55 a monht isnt feasble anyway) and hope for the best. If I get lucky then great, if not then hopefully ill receive the offer within 4 months of cancelling like so many others.

Could do with one of the newer HD boxes too as my storage isnt great.

Well i am in the same boat - took the offer on the 6th December 2009.

Phoned them to cancel and they are now saying i cant cancel everything until the 29th december - due to the fact my broadband runs out on the 12th jan and telephone 5th jan.

She said if i phoned on the 29th to cancel it wouldnt be a 30 days notice?? Im confused as I dont want to lose the services all of a sudden - ideally want to hand in 30 days notice and hope they come back with an offer...

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I havent called them yet, bit nervous as I dont want to lose the services either.
I've been following a thread here:…e=3

You've probably already seen it and im sure there's others.
I also read somewhere that calling at the end of the month (maybe the last wednesday of the month) is good as they have targets to hit. No idea how true this is but your call on the 29th would be perfect, end of month and end of year!

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