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Hi, basically im a sky+ member and am looking to get sky HD or even just a cheaper package with sky. Ive heard that if u call them, threatening to cancel they sometimes give better offers. Can someone tell me if this is true and if it worked for them? If it did work what did you say? (e.g, "im looking to cancel, unless u can offer me a better deal" etc) lol. Thanks


I rang and said it was too expensive and wanted to cancel. They offered me 6 months half price. I took it :-)

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lol nice one mate

Many people have got good deals when they threatened to leave,but I have tried a few times and got offered nothing.The excuses I used were;

a)I've lost my job and will have to cancel unless you offer me a good deal as I can't afford the bill every month.
b)I am moving to Virgin for their hd package
c)My box isn't working and I need a new one but can't afford it.

be nice and don't threat to cancel. Just say that you are looking else where and wonder what you could do.
There is a long thread on MSE and what others have got

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ahh I suppose it may be a bit hit and miss then

Usually if you threaten to cancel, they'll let you. Then, near the time you will be disconnected, they contact you to see why you're cancelling and offer you what you want.

Suppose it also depends on the mood of the Sky employee at the time.
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