Sky TV installation help

    Hi all,

    I want to be a bit naughty with Sky, but don't want to get stung with a 12 month contract I don't want, and wanted some advice.

    Basically I want to be able to watch WrestleMania on Sky Box Office at the beginning of April. I don't currently have Sky or even want it apart from this event.

    I was thinking perhaps I could phone Sky to get it installed on the premise of a 12 month contract, but was hoping there would be a 30 day cooling off period, in which I could cancel. ie only paying for the one event, and 1 months contract.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    Many thanks


    My advice to you............ Switch to TNA, impact shows on challenge and ppv's also are shown on challenge, challenge is also on freeview.
    Failing that you could just wait for wrestlemania to come out on dvd instead, watch it at a mates house offer to pay for it, or pay half if they are also a wrestling fan.

    Getting sky installed will mean drilling through one of your walls to get the cables into the house you know, you could also look at watching it live online.

    You have to pay for the installation if you back out iirc.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice people. I currently get all the Sky tv channels apart from Box Office. I just don't exactly pay Sky for this. So I get Sky Sports etc, it's just I have a friend coming over specially for WrestleMania. I could risj it and just stream it, but I didn't want to take the risk.

    I live in a block of flats, that have Sky installed, so the cable from the satellite outside already comes into my flat. Do you think I will still have to pay for installation.

    BTW - I do watch TNA, and have been to many of their live shows, I just don't find it as good as WWE, especially not a WrestleMania event. on the night of the event.

    search wrestlemania live stream


    Alisa - how exactly are you doing this? Chances are if you're using a dreambox or such like then it will be showing live on one of the random channels toWards the end of the list...

    rasslin is real i tell ya

    And finally - why the hell have you got a friend coming Over if you have no way of watching it?!?

    I want a Ferrari but don't want to pay for it. Help.



    I rest m'lud.

    Original Poster

    Tomwatts - Yeah I have a dreambox, I will have to get a up to date list of the channels and keep my fingers crossed. I invited the friend over knowing that I would be able to get it on a stream. I only recently thought about joining Sky and then cancelling after the event.

    Deek72, as I said I am more than happy to pay for the event, just don' really want to pay a 12 month Sky subscription, for 3 hours of programing.
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