sky tv link 150 help

    I have bought a sky tv link 150 i have a tv coaxial cable that has one end on it and the other end been cut off can i use that with the tv link.

    i have copied the tv link and will upload a image here and i dont know what connection goes where??

    cable seems to come out of the connectors, the caps seem to not go on tight

    any one recommend good cable


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    the bit with the cap off does not move out of the adapter, bought this kit from argos to day

    Do you have an aerial cable from sky box running to tv in other room?

    Is it plugged into the tv in the other room?

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    i need to get sky to get my second box plugged in on thursday.

    and i will be using the second box with multiroom to run a tv link to my daughters analogue tv

    the caps on these can be pulled off with out being screwed in the wire i have is coaxial cable from a tv kid that had the end cut off it says 3c-2v 75q coaxial cable on the cable it self

    so i would run the cable between the see pick the cap standing up and the section with the cap off,

    And body recommend some thick cable that wont come out as the cable goes in but doenst stay in as it can be pulled out

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    Hello, I do not speak English well and then use google translator to talk to you.

    I bought on ebay the same product you have in the picture. Sky TV link 150.

    But I do not have the instructions to install it. protresti me the photo to the back of the blister, I do not know those wire connectors.

    Behind the pack there should be instructions for use

    Hello and thanks

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    i got the wire i needed off ebay.

    the loose connections take out and pop in the drawer

    buy this cable instead off ebay it has both connections on the end that your need connect up to the rf2 on back of sky box and then to the end of the sky link adapter and then connect that to the tv.

    ebay Item number: 220763022257 - this is for 10M

    then you need to turn the rf2 out let on your sky box on.

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