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Hi guys,
I am due to have the installers fit Sky tv tomorrow and have become concerned that this is not going to be a straight forward job.
My house is a semi and the angle of all my neighbours dishes are either on the left side of the house (I have my next doors neighbours house on the left side) or on the front, where I have wood cladding on the top floor.
My house has low ceilings so I clicked that the dish can go below 30 feet but now I look I suspect I might have problems.
Does anyone know of anyway around this for the 'standard' fitters or is it likely I will have to wait for a specialist fitter?

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Stick a photo along the street showing other dishes then readers can help better. Stick photo on a public web site and then attach url link. As long as there is a direct view of the satellite it can be done though the fitter will need additional tools of trade. Worse come to the worst and you have no sight of the satellite you can negotiate with your adjacent neighbour to share their dish (use a twin or quad LNB and then stretch a cable to you)!

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Will get a better pic later but this is the front of my house. The other houses in the area have their dishes facing to the right (as you can see on my other neighbours wall).
Trust me to get the only house in the area with wood cladding and a neighbour stuck on the left!
Thanks for your advice Splender...rep added.

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I should also say that the bloomin cladding comes another 2 foot round the side of the house.

no problem with wood cladding, you can drill through that and get a firm grip (if it is brick underneath, no problem, if it is still wood frame underneath, then there are common fixings to make it even more secure). You have to get the fitter to try placing the dish at the corner, either on the front or on the side, to see which siting is best visually for you in relation to the street scene. |From the photo the side of your house is probably best visually. Moreover you would not see the dish when you look out of your window! If you like this position at the corner and is at the side of your house then the fitter may have to buy additional bracket and galvanised bars. One thing that I know is that there is a weather proof tape called self amalgamating tape which the satellite fitter must use to seal the joint between the LNB (where the sat cable goes into on the dish) and the satellite cable. You may want to get 10m of this on eBAY, for example for about £5.50 include postage to wrap around the screws and bolts to prevent them going rusty as the rust may cause ugly corrosion stain on your cladding (depends on how it is bolted on). Some fitters will use the more expensive nuts and bolts which really resist corrosion but the cheaper galvanised ones are really corrosion prone outdoors. I had my dish bolted onto a wooden fence post in the garden for years with no problem. It was fitted by a Sky appointed fitter... no corrosion with the nuts and bolts.

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Thanks for advising.
Are the screws very long then to go through the wood and then get enough grip on the bricks?
If I'm honest, The siting doesn't really bother me, people have theirs stuck slap bang, in the middle of their upstairs windows, so I'm not too worried. I will ask the fitter which bolts he uses so I can decide whether to wrap them.
You have put my mind at rest a little so thanks for that.
The only reason I'm concerned is because I wanted it to be a surprise for my footie mad son who is bitterly disappointed every week that he can't see his team on Sky Sports. I ordered it for tomorrow, not realising the school had sprung an inset day on us, so he will see them arrive!
I didn't want him to get excited and then the fitters drive away without fitting it!

You will need to discuss with the fitter and work out a few options. In my opinion you have to live with that structure for a long time. It is best to have it out of sight and be flushed with the line of houses as much as possible. Afterward the fitting you may need to add some lead flashing from the slat to overlap with the fitting to the slats. The more protection this area gets the more chance this area will be dry as the weather will get into all sorts of tiny crevices and gaps. I am thinking of the water dripping into the area with the bolts go through the slats. It is the moisture that will get to weaken the holding. It all depends on how the fixture is done. May be a photo later will help readers to suggest idea of protecting the fixture from the weather. [COLOR="Red"]And if you happen to have some water repellant liquid for wood or even fence paint as it's water repellant, now is the time to bring it out and ask the fitter to apply to the drilled holes.Or even the paint that was used to paint the cladding.[/COLOR]

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Well, he's been and fitted the dish below the cladding?!
It's a bit low and I am a little worried it may be a source of amusement to the local teenagers but hopefully it will be ok.
It's lovely to be able to watch tv without the picture dipping in and out all the time!
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