Posted 9th Aug 2021
Hello everyone!

Sky used to do good new customer deals but I can't seem to find any now. I'm moving house so could cancel and restart it in the new house, is it worth going to the hassle of cancelling do you think?


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    Sky charge a £30 moving fee for a new dish to be installed, you can negotiate it or ask for a credit to cover the charge.
    Easy way is look at your bills now Vs what you would pay as a new customer, negotiate with the renewal charge at your new address, just make sure all the contracts are alligned to save one discount ending but still being inside a minimum term.
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    Are you still in contract? If in contract use sky vip to move to new address foc. If out of contract call them up and give 31 days notice, say cause of price and moving and see offers u get including setup at new place. At same time look at offers you can get if sign up to virgin media, bt, etc to get gauge figure. Also remember u can get most of sky important channels through now tv. With Disney plus, Netflix, Amazon prime, etc u might feel don’t need sky, esp if not into sports.
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