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Found 2nd Jan 2009
I'm looking to get sky installed in the coming weeks and am aware that the contract is for 12 months, I'm more than happy with this and can understand it although I may not be at my current location for longer than say 8 months and could be not needing it for the remaining four. Now I want to get 4 packs with the sports so obviously that bumps the price up if after 8 months i dont need it will i be able to scale it down to the bare bones and just pay the cheapest price possible for the remainder or will i have to carry on paying for the original package until 12 months is up.
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yes! You can downgrade your package usually anytime after the first month.

As a suggestion when i got sky i telephoned them and they only offered free installation, i still had to pay for sky+ and or miltiroom boxes.

However after chatting to a sky salesman at a stall in the local shopping centrem they offered free instillation, free sky+ upgrade and i could have had multiroom for £40. All i had to do was subscribe to one of the premium packages for a minimum of 1 month. So you could get your sports and sky+ as a bonus.

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if you join online you can get £35 quidco
That's good news then, it'll make it a lot easier for me to argue with the girlfriend that we should get it even if we dont hang around where we are for the full year, although i suspect we will.

I want to get the broadband and telephone package too as they throw in the line rental worked out that it'll be around 47 a month for everything so will try and hunt down one of these salespersons and see what they can offer. At least if I don't want the full tv package towards the end of the year I can cut the sports and packs away and pay about half of that.
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