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Found 7th Mar
Hi All,

Sky TV deal I am on

All sky channels in HD, Multi room, box sets and sky go extra - £44 per month

I gave my notice to sky in the middle of Feb as deals ends mid March and have only 1 offer

Same above for £53 per month - said no at this point - this was a phone call early on

I looked on the my account section yesterday and the only offer is £18 for sky entertainment and box sets no mention of cinema, sports or multi room

is it me or the Sky Retention deals just really poor at the moment, I am going to wait for a deal that either matches my existing or betters it - I am happy to let the account stop and have no channels if i get the deal

does anyone think that is a realistic ask in the current sky thinking - has anyone got similar deals this month year as i haven't seen many threads about it

your thoughts please
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Have you thought about now tv, effectively paying 5.50 a month for 4 boxes bought for £10 each. For movies, entertainment.
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I have but would prefer the sky way, as i dont want to have to keep buying offers etc.
Sky are being really stingy with offers this year. I cancelled in Dec due to lack of good offers. I got a slightly improved offer with come back to sky letter after 2 months, which I took, but still no where close to what I had last year.
Its kind of hit and miss with sky. Some times they have amazing deals othertimes they are pretty rubbish. Best advice is just to keep trying different live chat advisors.
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yep going to try again on Friday and see if i get any better offer

got offered today

all channels, multi room, hd £61 also said only entertainment was under contrtact all the rest was rolling with £50 credit, said no to this as its £17 per month more
I usually go on online chat and say “I would like to take you up on your offer of x amount for the current package I have now” even though I have never received an offer. Sometimes takes a couple of attempts with different advisors but always works in the end.
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well my account has cancelled and no offers - best i was offered was £71 for all channels with sky q 2tb, and extra box given free
without sky Q i was offered £58 per month all channels and multi room
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