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Sky TV - " sky box isn't getting a signal"

Posted 20th Sep 2013
Hi -

Looking for some help please as I've been on the phone to sky and they've said to send an engineer out they want to charge me £60
To summarise very briefly - a lot of my channels no longer work and I'm getting the message " your. Sky+HD Box isn't getting a satellite signal".
I can't understand the problem as some channels such as standard terrestrial bbc 1,2, itv all work - and some standard sky sports channels work.
However lots of the HD sports and movies are just displaying the error signal message.

I've been into the signal strength section under service - and the fault seems to be with "input 1" as there is zero signal strength and zero quality..... I've done the standard checking for loose /frayed wires and there are none.
I've also tried turning off/ on at the box.
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If you can to the dish, try swapping the cables going into the lnb. If you then get a signal on input 1 but not on input 2 you have found your fault.
happened to me a few weeks back! the solution for me was to get a broom and wack the sky dish! after a few hits it sorte the problem out.
now I wouldn't suggest you do the same but if you can nudge the dish it mite work.
Is there a tree or something in the line of your dish?
I've had bother with Sky in past if bad weather conditions like heavy rain. If you not in contract with them tell them you don't want your subscription anymore and they probably send an engineer round for free. I wouldn't pay for useless service in long run.
try connecting the ariel wire into a different lnb port .
I suspect that there will be a pattern to the channels you can't get. Could be something to do with vertical/horizontal polarities (it's to do with voltages (positive or negative) running up/down the cable between your box and dish) but I suspect that there's little you can do.

If it was me, I'd just phone up and cancel it. Just keep explaining that you're only cancelling because you can't afford to fix it. I'm pretty sure they'll agree to fix it for free if you continue subscribing. They'll even refund the days you don't have sky between the day you phone and the day the engineer fixes it.
Here's a list of H (horizontal) & V (Vertical) channels http://www.lyngsat.com/packages/skyuk.html

check what you get and see if they are V, H or a mixture.
had this same problem the other day! It was raining but not heavy, tried everything so thought there was something wrong with the box. Next day it was working fine again. So don't know what was a matter with it but hopefully yours will be working again for you tomorrow :-D
Kill the power and restart. There is also a way to reset the LNB via the engineers menu - google it
This can be due to a number of reasons. Different channels reside on different MUX input signals - hence some tv channels will display, some won't. This could be because of a broken cable/connection to the input on the receiver. How old is your equipment? It could be that your LNB (the bit that sit's on the end of the sticky-out part of the dish - if you didn't know!) has become duff in some way. Might simply be that the recent bad weather has ingressed enough to create a short of some kind. Too many variables but not impossible to figure out using a process of elimination.

Depends on your time/patience and your technical skill, really. To begin with, as you have Sky+HD I will assume you have dual (or shotgun) cable and it could be one of these that has an issue. On some receivers (I don't know about yours) you have to enable the dual input via the on-screen menu. This is for receivers that have the capability to record one or more channels whilst viewing a different one at the same time. Has anyone else played with the box/settings recently? I mean no offence by this but the amount of people who 'accidentally' go into a menu and alter something without realising what they've done is quite staggering. Some people get flustered by all the options/settings on offer and just hit every button going to try and exit a menu. Not that I am suggesting that is the case here, of course.

If you could borrow another receiver from someone, that would be a good place to start. That is after ruling out any possibility that an option hasn't been accidentally deactivated for dual input on your box, that is. Freecycle is a good bet if you can't borrow one from anywhere. People are always giving them away on there. Same error result would possibly rule out your box as a duffer.

My next move (for cheapness!) would be to buy a length of basic satellite cable. Single or shotgun (dual) will do. F-connectors for the ends. Swap out the exsisting cable for the test length and check for signal strength. Try the connectors at the LNB end in the same port(s) as you are currently using first. If you have a dual, quad or higher LNB (more ports than 1!) then try connecting the cable into a different port. They are all just output signal output ports so any will work. Again, just check the receiver for ANY signal input. If you can get a signal to both inputs of the receiver then it's a safe bet it's either the old cable that has an internal problem or possibly a duff port on the LNB. To test the latter, connect your old cable to two of the other ports on the LNB (if it has more than 2 that is.) If it's only a dual LNB then you're possibly stuffed. A new LNB will be required. These are not expensive, by the way. I purchased a new dish, quad LNB and cable inc. F-connectors for less than £30! E-bay is your friend.

If still no joy, it's a stab in the dark but maybe the dish has moved out of alignment. Not likely as you'd probably notice a larger drop in stations displayed and quality of signal etc. but it's a possibility. This is a wee bit more complicated so I'm not going into details here. As I said, many variables! This is why some just go for the easy-option-engineer! It's simple for someone who has access to all the right equipment. Not so for the general 'layperson' however. If you really don't fancy it, maybe a local firm that specialise in satellite equipment might be a more cost effective option than a Sky engineer. Worth investigating...

Best of luck OP. Have a great weekend.

Regards, Phsy.
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I have this problem but with only one channel - channel 4!! All the others work fine including Ch4 +1
Hi guys some really helpful advice here do thank you all,

I've tried a few of the tips given, even tapped the dish with a broom!!'.. But still no joy.

Looks like sky will be getting my £60 after all

If you can to the dish, try swapping the cables going into the lnb. If … If you can to the dish, try swapping the cables going into the lnb. If you then get a signal on input 1 but not on input 2 you have found your fault.

hahahahaha! Wouldn't be a LOT easier to swap the inputs on the back of the box?
Cheers anyway guys, rang sky and they have reduced the call out to 40 quid, plus given me a 23 credit for time spent without sky.
So only cost 17 in end.
Will just be glad when it's sorted

Cheers anyway guys, rang sky and they have reduced the call out to 40 … Cheers anyway guys, rang sky and they have reduced the call out to 40 quid, plus given me a 23 credit for time spent without sky.So only cost 17 in end.Will just be glad when it's sorted

Glad to hear you're getting sorted out. Sounds like you got a good deal. If you can be bothered, report back on here as to what the problem was. I'd love to know. Curiosity 'n' all...


All the best, Phsy.
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