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    Just wanting some advise really, moving house shortly and will probably be going for the SKY £26 , see, speak, surf deal, basically wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get the best deal, ie installation charges waived, free channels etc!

    We have currently got a Sky+ Box, but we have been told that we will be charged to move this.

    Any tips?

    Any help greatly appreciated.


    £40 charged to move Sky.
    Cancel old one and buy new (preferably with a welcome offer)
    Check their stall at your local shopping mall (sales usually have some offers)

    Their departure from Quidco was a disaster for a lot of people!

    they left QuidCo - nightmare, glad I got in before they did - not got the cash yet but it is showing as tracked.

    Try the DIGITAL SPY forums (google them)

    My mate gets loads of tips from them !

    I'd start by calling to cancel, when they ask why say that you cant afford the cost of moving the subscription to a new address at the moment, they might wave the fee

    If that doesnt work then cancel and take out a new subscription in someone elses name (partner) - wait for the next 'refer a friend and they get a free sky+ box and installation' deal - shouldnt be long now because its coming up to the end of their financial year
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