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    I'm considering leaving Sky as it's costing me a whopping £56 a month, and going on to BT vision, does anyone else have BT vision? What sort of channels might i be missing out on?



    was wondering the same thing! worried will loose the sports!

    I'm sure PAT (program advisory team) will sort you out

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    I'm sure PAT (program advisory team) will sort you out

    Who are they?

    BTW - love your pic, I'm a fan of Dark Tower series too!!

    Yeah, I'm reading Book 5 at the moment

    They are the team that you get sent to if you cancel or want to downgrade. They might cut you a deal? I take it you have everything including HD?

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    nope, I've got sky + with multiroom (1 extra room) full package apart from the discovery channels...

    They don't make it easy to locate a number on their website do they?

    I've read the lot now, really good!

    If you phone up customer services they'll redirect you


    I had BTV and moved to Sky.

    BTV is only Freeview channels, plus on demand programmes, which rarely worked when I had it. You can get the sports pack so you have the Premiership games, but cannot watch them until 10pm!!

    I thought BTV was useless and Sky is much better, even their customer services!

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    ok - great - thanks for your help
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