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Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the correct thread to post this, so apologies if it isn't

My mum has recently said that viewing asian/ indian channels on freeview have they have moved over to cable/ sky etc, as this is mainly what she watches I've telephoned SKY and they said these channels are available on their 'original package'.

They offered me (because I need broadband too)
Free broadband
Line rental- £15.00 per month
Calls evenings/ weekends- £2.00 per month

= £17.00 all together (this is for 12months)

Offered me the 'original package' (on their website being £22.00)
for £7.43 per month. (this however for 18 months)

Free router
Free installation and their Sky Q box

All in total = £24.43 per month

Would you guys happen to know if this is any good? There is so much out there obviously regarding these providers..and then separate deals on broadband only including one I've seen there for new customers- but I'm not a new customer unfortunately.

Thanks guys
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Thats not a bad deal..

I have been with sky for over 4 years... currently paying way too much!

Line rental
Box sets = £52
what offers did you see for new customers?
I doubt you'll get a better deal, but try going on the chat on the Sky Website. Sometimes they are more accomodating.
£25 odd for a basic tv package and for 18mths is too much.

I pay £25 for the basic package with sports pack. And it's a rolling monthly contract.

Having said that, sky have been quite difficult to bargain with recently and wouldn't discount the broadband any further. I am with BT as a result.
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Rip off. Go for the "boxsets bundle". I know for a fact they can get that down to £20ish pounds and the broadband to £10-15ish however, remember to make sure BOTH tv and broadband is maximum 12 months. If they are different, one will go up in price after 12 months and you won't be able to change provider as the other will still have 6 months remaining. Virgin is much better in terms of new customer deals and bang for buck, but the Indian channels are extra.
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