Sky TvLink - Advice PLEASE!!

    Hey, after buying, and now getting really annoyed with a wireless Digisender to watch Sky+ in my bedroom, im looking at getting the wired option - the TVLink. I want this so i cant still change the channel on the upstairs TV.

    Firstly, has anyone got any experience with the TVLink - do you recommend it??

    Secondly - anyone got a good price for one or recommend which one to get? I have seen an SLX / Philex one and a Global one (which i understand Sky themselves use).

    Thirdly - which type of coaxial cable is best to use, and again where can i get this from? I require about 10m

    Thanks for any help or suggestions on this :thumbsup:


    I've got 2 TV's linked via the digieye system and this is off a sky+ box. It's work's well and I was surprised that I could connect 2 TV's with 2 Digieye's....

    For a wealth of information, go to…tml where you'll everything you wanted to know and everything you didn't want to know about Sky+ including where the secret menu is for turning on the 2nd RF output.

    I got my SLX remotes from ebay because they have one that does both Sky+ and Sky boxes. Yes the Sky+ remote cannot control your ordinary Sky box and vice versa. The normal remotes (not SLX) are better quality.

    Hope this helps.



    Not a clue on either of them but I'll be bookmarking this thread, I would check that it works with Sky+ as I tried using my old Sky remote with my new Sky+ box and it wouldn't work.
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