Sky Ultimate On Demand (Sky Box Sets and Netflix) - FREE for existing customers (for one month only it seems) (some invites £1+)

Posted 30th Jul 2019
Sky Ultimate On Demand (Sky Box Sets and Netflix) appeared in my account for £0 / nothing / nada / free per month. This is a saving of £8.99 per month if you already subscribe to Netflix.

Only found it as I was checking why my first bill is so high. Might be account specific. Go to My Account then select "view your latest offers".

Forgot to take a picture before signing up but here's one of next month's bill.

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Maybe that’s why your bill was so high
Check the previous months bill and the upcoming ones. It’s probably been adjusted from one of them.
Yep, coming up as free on mine, but when I try to confirm it, it adds £12 on
Be careful this might be for a limited time, say 3 months. Checking my account it only says for 1 month.
It may only be free for 1 month. I'm looking at my offers in the My Sky app and it looks like I'd only get 1 month free:
Paid £3 for this a few weeks ago for 12 months. Be annoyed if it is free now!
Thanks for flagging this up but it didnt work for me however when i looked at my offers there were 3 i could use at no extra cost and they were HD on 40 channels, a kids channel and Free Box sets those would have cost £15 extra a month so thanks. I guess it will be something i will need to haggle with at my next review date.
Mine says this... do I click confirm? (p.s. yes I know my phone needs charging!)
yea just for 1 month on mine
Well, that's disappointing. Do I fell like an idiot or what. It is only one month

I'll amend the title but I expect this to get very cold
How did it appear in your account?? but yet you then go on to say you added it yourself?? Seems like you know it was free but for some reason trying to sound like you didn’t have a clue.
Most bills are high for the 1st month. It’s called pro rata. They would have explained this during a call as all companies do.
Your story sounds a little unsure so cold from me
Not on mine(annoyed) but hot(y)
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Free for a couple of months but shows a cost further down the line. I have to ring them to remove it.
It's free for 1-2mo then charge full price, they don't make it clear anywhere but you find out by looking at future bills / changes email. Make a complaint and see what they say. Save screenshots from upgrade process.
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oh but wait just checked my future bills and the price will increase next month and month after on hold to sky to cancel what a con and what a pain trying to get through.
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