Sky Ultrafast 1 Fibre - £27/month - 18 month contract

Posted 1st Mar
Posting this as discussion as am aware may be account specific and requires you to sign up to Sky VIP as well as having FTTP supported in your area and possibility of speaking to a couple of departments at Sky...

Initially saw this on Sky VIP app, rang sales to check if misprint but it was real. I was already paying this for Super fast so was free upgrade effectively for newly twice the speed I'm currently getting. They don't seem to be advertising this very well if at all so it's likely that others can also get a free upgrade

Had to speak to tech support first as sales team don't have up to date info on where FTTP is supported, where as tech support can run physical checks on your line and exchange, so bit more hassle as well.

Tried upselling to Boost but this is of no use to me.

This also guarantees you the new 4 port version of the hub (this is the only Sky hub that supports FTTP lines) which was a deal breaker for me as I needed the extra ports.
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Talktalk offering 150 Mbps in a few areas for £28. Working well for me over the last few months.
Does that include the price rise?
It's only the ADSL tarrif that's being increased so in a way yes, this is taking this into account.
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