Sky Upgrade

    Currently have a sky subscription for full tv package with basic baox, 16mb broadband and sky talk.
    Just called to ask about upgrade to sky box and multi room.
    Was told cost would be £135 (£75 for box and £60 installation).
    After speaking to 3 departments and getting nowhere I asked to be put through to cancellations. Told them I was going to move to Virgin as Sky don't care about exisiting customers and was offered Sky box and installation for a total of £30!!!.
    Getting installed next Saturday.


    Im not voting either way, but i think it was more a case of you got lucky with haggling, not really a deal as its not a set price of any sort, more a retentions bonus. Perhaps it should go in misc?

    Anyway, im glad you got a bargain, we all like to get out money's worth

    Im on VM and get XL BB, L TV and phone for £50 a month and thats not bad to be honest


    Edit, £50 a month is not too good as they have a new promotion on...:(

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    sounds like you got a good deal with virgin.

    Just posted because felt good to actually get something out of sky for once:-D

    Of course! Out of interest whats your broadband like? Was gonna move to Sky but couldnt be bothered with the hassle and then VM offered me a retentions deal.

    Another year then i might move :P


    I had an old sky box and when I called to cancel they offered me a free sky+ box, free installation and also offered to re-route my old sky box to another room (freesat) free of charge.

    Not what the engineer was told, but a couple of phone calls later and all was sorted. Still on the same tariff but tied into a new 12 month contract. :whistling:

    I was cheeky and asked if he would do a deal on my tariff also, but he told me no chance so I didnt push it!! :oops:

    To be honest, I had been with sky for almost 6 years without ever having an upgrade, so maybe they were more willing to do a deal than with some people who try.

    Moved to misc forum, not a deal as such.

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    got 16mb broadband for £10 per month. No download limit
    Haven't had any problems and would recommend it.
    Think the £10 per month only available if you have sky tv package as well.
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