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    Anyone know how to negotiate a decent deal on a SKY+ box from Sky?

    I've been a customer for 4 years. I have heard some people got the boxes for £49 plus free install but when I tried to ring them they wouldn't have it!

    Any other ideas?


    Call them asking to cancel, when to cancellations department, tell them its too expensive, they should offer you a deal, then mention you'd like Sky+ but its too expensive, you should get it for a goodish price.

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    Tried that and failed!

    You have to pretend you don't want to leave and give reasons for leaving like "I always seem to miss the programmes I enjoy". Sometimes you have to give them a push and just ask them what deals they have.

    I made up my own deal where they replaced my digibox which wasn't high enough quality for my new LCD tv with a panasonic one for the cost of an engineers visit - which they would pay for on the condition that I wouldn't leave sky.

    The alternative is to cancel sky and get a new contract in your other half's name and get the SKy+ box for nowt and sell the other one on fleabay.

    Find someone who already has it and go for Sky Plus for no extra charge !

    I can tell you lots of stories that my friends or I have been involved in to "milk" the system, so to speak

    I.E. I haggled an upgrade from SKY digital to SKY+ for £49 plus £30 install instead of £99 and £60. After this they then didnt show on the agreed day so moaned again and got 1 month free (£43) plus 3 months half price (£64.50). So effectively earned out of the deal.

    My Friend wanted multiroom but they turned up without enought kit so they offered him SKY+ in both rooms for the same price !!!

    It appears the best thing to do is call them and be prepared to moan and haggle. E.G. Love Freeview and why should I get SKY, seem uninterested until you get the right deal :thumbsup:
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    Done this last week.
    Do exactly this. It worked for me and it's worked for another 2 of my mates in the last fortnight.

    Phone up and immediately ask to be put through to the cancellations department. They'll ask why you wanna cancel. Tell them a friend of yours got Sky+ for £49 and when you asked for a similar offer (even though you haven't), you were told no.
    As a valued and long-serving customer, you're obviously not happy with the situation and feel you deserve better from them. So tell them this.

    You'll then be told that the cancellations department is otherwise known as the "turnarounds" department and they'll offer to match the £49 deal, with no installation or delivery charges. She/he will try to make it sound like they're doing something they shouldn't be and are doing you a favour, but this is nonsense.

    Sound pitiful and upset throughout. " I deserve better than this, I'm a valued Sky customer" etc.

    It works.

    By the way, I've only been a Sky customer for 18 months.
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