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Found 11th Jan 2018
Hey Everyone - Wanting to get others experiences of negotiating a good deal with Sky.

I'm currently out of contract and getting the full works of standard Sky + Fibre Broadband for roughly £80.

I recently found out my pays roughly £1 more for the same package on Sky Q, with the 2TB box and Multiroom.

I enquired to see if i could get the same deal and the closest I have been offered is £101 per month.

I have cancelled my TV contract with them in hope that this sparks them into upgrading me for the same price, but to no avail yet. But keep getting told everytime i contact them the offer will change.

Has anybody else had an experience similar? What have they offered you? Do they make a better offer when it comes to cancellation date?

I don't really want to cancel with them but do want the new shiny equipment!
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I was on Sky Family + Sports with unlimited broadband and basic phone package and the standard cost was £97/month.

Phoned them up and cancelled the lot when the contract ended. On the final week before the cancellation I got letters offering half price on all TV and free line rental which took the total to £43/month. Hold out for the cancellation deals and they will come.

Maybe then it might be worth negotiating and good price on an upgrade?
sky is very bad with offers and fleece you if you are a long term customer. i find the only way to get them to reduce the price is to sign up for another 12 months, but this only results in a small discount. to get a big discount, you have to leave then wait for them to call you or come back to them as a new customer after 6 months.
Every year I play the retention game with Sky. This is what they offered me to stay (was due to leave on the 19th Jan).
33041930-chhV4.jpgNot as good as last year 60% off with £50 credit, but good enough to sign up for another 12 months.

Thanks Guys.....

I got the 50% offer with £25 credit (which I already had until August!) but trying to hold out for Sky Q. Not sure why it should be so difficult!
I was on the 75% deal last year but that deal doesn’t seem to be round this time. Been trying for a couple of weeks but the best deal I can get is £72.99 for everything, phone, full tv package with box sets, movies & sports, plus unlimited fibre broadband, not quite as good as last year but not too bad.
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