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I was paying £77 a month for line, fibre, boxset package, and mutli-room. I had a discount of £10 for fibre. Received an offer of 6 months half price sky sports via TCB with £44 cashback. I thought not bad, so went for it. But Sky's system took the £10 Fibre discount away. So I speak to CS who put it back on. But now Sports have only come back on in SD (what use is that?). I need to upgrade from boxsets to Sky Sports HD pack, another £6 a month. They are just taking the mick. Do I get a cooling off period and can ask them to put everything back they way it was?


I don't know for certain but CAB will and if you do get a cooling off period it will be 14 days. All depends whether this is a contract amendment and whether it was done in such a way that was not face-to-face. The best customer service sellers always explain their cooling off periods if of course there is one. Contact CAB on 03454 04 05 06

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Thanks for that. In this day and age no one should have to pay extra for HD.

what was the tcb offer as thats what they are obligated to provide
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