Sky Variety vs Entertainment. Help?

Posted 11th May 2018
I currently have the Sky Variety package, £33.50 per month. I've heard about a new package called Entertainment, but what's the difference?

All I can find is that Entertainment doesn't have the kids channel's, you add them on separately. Is that it? Nothing else is missing? I don't want the kids channel's anyway.

Think Entertainment is £20 pm for 18 months and £25 thereafter. Do you have to have the 18 month contract our can you just do £25? Don't really like contacts...

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Whenever you change your package with sky you're agreeing to another contract which are normally 12-18 months.
They've changed their packages and it sounds like you're on the old style one.
If you're out of contract now you are in a good position to get a offer from them go onto the live chat and basically say you're leaving unless you can offer me something and they normally do.
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