sky viewing card/setanta question?

    hi i have just recieved my replacement sky viewing card and just wondered if anyone knows what happens with my setanta sports as when i signed up if i rember rightly i had to give my viewing card number but now its diffrent? but had a look and it still seems to work? thanks


    Not sure but since getting our new card, Setanta Sports has worked without any problems. think you'll be ok.


    The only people that will be able to tell you is Sky. No one on HUKDs has access to your account information!

    Just give them a call.

    Original Poster

    didnt know if anyone knew from there own experience before waiting on hold to sky for hours!

    Ring sentanta, they will move the sub from one card to the other.

    Original Poster

    ok well phoned setanta and sky setanta said needed to give them new number and sky said it should already be active which i guess explains why it seems to be working? :?
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