sky vs. virgin please!

    please help someone with very little knowledge about broadband.

    currently we have sky hd package with sports etc and pay like 54 pounds a month...

    broadband with talk talk (and phone calls) for £22

    anyways.... is it best i upgraded with sky and got their broadband or should i go for the virgin phone and broadband package as they have a fibre optic thingy? is it really faster? as i went with talk talk because they were advertising 8meg when i did..but i get half a meg being far from exchange hiss!!

    any help be greatly appreciated.


    imo, I would play one off against the other to see what deal you can get.. especially if your outside your first 12months with Sky.

    Firstly, make sure both Sky and Virgin BB are avaiable in your Area (although SKY wont know if your can get Virgin and vise versa) Then price up the TV, BB and Phone packages with Virgin initially. Call Sky, can see what they offer first - dont mention Virgin YET!!

    I currently pay 54£ per month for 4 Mixes, SKY+ and 1 Multiroom BOX, Phone (unltd anytime calls), Line Rental for Phone and BB (i get 4mb).... but do not have Sports/Films. It saves me about £6 per year, PLUS the cost of my calls, which were average of £25 each, for the past 4 months.

    Remember - Check Virgin Costs, Listen to SKY, and BARTER BARTER BARTER!! Even ask for "Cancellations/Rententions" Department, who will give you a better deal to encourage you to stay with them. Also, contact TALK TALK, and request your MAC Code for BB changeover (you can do this now, as it lasts for 30days!)

    Good Luck... Let us know what you get

    [url][/url] will tell you what you can and can't get

    You left out a rather important piece of information though: when did you last get/renew your Sky Contractual Period?

    Make sure you do actually have the fibre optic cable in your street. Virgin do offer broadband over "normal" phone lines as well.

    If you DO have cable then this is generally better than a "normal" phone line. The signal on a normal phone line degrades the further you are from the telephone exchange, this does not happen with "cable".

    I have 20Mb Virgin cable and it is excellent, I get a solid 20Mb most of the time.

    First see how quick your connection is, ]http//ww…uk/ i think this won't change greatly by swithcing to other broadband providers over your phone line. The upto 8mb depends how close you are to the bt exchange.
    If your download speed is rubbish then consider virgin (fibre optic).

    You can find how far you area away from your phone excahnge here. ]http//ww…php .This is the minimum distance, the bt lines won't go in a straight line directly to your house. Not too sure what distances are good/bad, obviously the shorter the better. My own is 1.46km and i get speeds of 6mb with sky

    Original Poster

    thanks cldape...biut i thought fibre optic virgin got around this?
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