Sky want £290 + vat to install sky +???

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Found 4th Oct 2007
Im gutted was supposed to have sky plus installed today free of charge through a recommend a friend voucher but a guy just turned up and has said because of a tree they will have to install on the roof and It wil be an installation cost of £290 + vat :w00t: Has anyone else had this? Is there anyway around it? :-(

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Cut the tree down

probably tryin it on, phone sky and tell em to stick it.. if they try and haggle, dont give in until they do it for free.. they amke enuff money from you anyway!

I wanted sky plus and they wanted 160 quid for the box and installation, I said right then cancel my subscription, they said ok then £49 installed.. I said thankyou.

basically kick up a fuss and they'll do anything u want. Also remember that not all engineers work for sky, some are subcontracted, so they may be trying it on coz they cant be arsed to climb up on the roof!

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Just cancelled the contract they said apperantly there must be a problem as the guy wouldn't get paid for the job if he doesn't do it, But most the ppl in my block of flats have sky Its only a small block of 9 flats but apparantly they said where im positioned is awkward to get a signal so they have to go up high :-(

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Cut the tree down

I won't lie the thought did float in to my mind lol

Do it yourself ?
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