Posted 13th Jun 2021
Hi all I currently have the sky 2019 hub with sky boost with a 75mb download speed.

However for the past couple of weeks I have been having issues where my devices are connected but aren’t downloading properly.

iPhone 12 Pro and 11 loading Facebook/Twitter but sometimes not pics/videos.

Xbox one/PS4 not allowing online play for short periods. Also signing in but again not loading dashboard pics/videos.

Generally intermittent slow loading of web pages mainly in the evening.

I ran my own connection/speed tests on my phone and all appears good at 75mb. The consoles both upstairs were reviving around 45mb. And it shows these speeds while the issues are happening. Sky ran a line test and said all is good but apparently my issue is I have 18 devices connected to my router ( not all at the same time) so are sending me a new router just in case that is the issue. Could it be? Since my problems started I have not connected anything new or repositioned my router and everything was perfect until a couple of weeks ago.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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