Found 4th Mar 2009
I have sky broadband but my laptop struggles to pick the signal up when its being used upstairs,i have a spare router and was wondering if i would be able to connect this to the phone extension that i have upstairs to run in tandem with the router that is already plugged in downstairs.
all help appreciated


no you can't, only one active dsl device on a line at any time,
Thoughyou can prob plug it in up stairs and have it act in bridging mode to boost wireless range, connect it to your pc via cable and look in the settings page or google bridging mode.

Have you tried changing the wireless channel you are using on the router? It's often worth trying each channel until you find the one with the best reception, as things like DECT phones and baby monitors could be running on the same channel. Also, make sure the router isn't too close to other electrical things.
I've got a sky wireless router and find the signal pretty good.

Original Poster

the signal is pretty good,just think that the laptop is pretty poor in picking up the signal,
i will have a look at the bridging mode cheers for the advice
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