Sky Wireless Router query....

    Ok i was needing to buy a router for mrs saxos brother but what iv done is phone sky and say mine was bust and there sending out a new one....achem !! lol

    thing is will it be set just for sky or could i use it with any broadband provider?



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    is that all complecated or something?
    i dont want to go and mes it up lol

    do i need to connect it to the computer or something

    You might not get the netgear one, not sure what brand the little black one is

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    would that be ok?

    320240886249 on ebay

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    what is the correct wireless router to get? like what iv got with sky

    iv heard of ethernet to ethernet or a wireless modem router etc

    which one is the one iv got? that you get with sky (white netgear they use)

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    Ok folks i got the little black on, its a Sagem one

    does this still need flashed to make it work with any internet provider ?

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    Its this one on Ebay = 280219758628
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