Found 31st Oct 2010
will i need to buy a new one or will sky replace it?

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Depends if it is in warranty or not.

is the power on? is it plugged in?


Unplug, plug in, leave on standby for 15 mins (don't press remote)

Now try turning it on

If it's out of warranty and you are out of contract (normally 12 months since signing up or upgrading) you should be able to persuade sky to give you a new box, but you will probably need to sign up to another 12 months contract.

Yep, if SKY think they'll lose your custom because your box is faulty, they'll probably do something about it!

Ours packed up about a month after the warranty ran out, we bought a second hand one because sky wanted to charge us £65, that lasted about 2 months before ir also packed in, we managed to get a free one off sky after much arguing, that lasted us 2 weeks before it packed up, they then wanted us to pay £65 to come out and fix the box they'd just given us, i had to take out my line rental with them to get a new box. So far that box is still going, but i dont have high hopes.

The power supplies are known to be flaky on them, I got a guy on Fleabay to refurb mine for less than £30 .. maybe an option..

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well the red standby light doesnt even turn on. will have to phone them tomorrow.

Have you plugged something else in the socket, have you checked the fuse?:D

What sort of box is it? If its a plain box you may be able to upgrade to sky plus by just renewing for 12 months. They will supply a hd box look out for the "optional" upgrade to sky hd at £1 0 a month8)

Try turning the box on from the box not remote control, there was a known issue this week. should mainly be resolved now tho.


Ours blew tonight also. We're left with the orange light. Sky told me to unplug and reboot keeping the backup button pressed. That didnt work and I guess we'll be getting an exchange when the sky monkey arrives on Wednesday.

Yours will either be a blown PSU or fuse. Best check the fuse - or they'll likely hit you with a £65 call out.

Gives me time to catch up on some downloads..... Inception tonight! (What a weird film!)

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the red standby light has come back on now, i have tried turning on via both remote and box but still no joy. also tried leaving it for 15mins.

lol i wont be paying no £65 call out fee either thats ridiculous

I'd be carefull as well about the "new" box sky provide, they arent new at all ,which may explain why they dont last very long.
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