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    Has anyone been skydiving, im looking for a decent company to go with never tried it before and unsure how things work, so any information i would be very grateful, Thank you


    Depends where you are really. Are you looking to do a fun jump for charity, a static line one off, or looking to get in to the sport?

    If your near Manchester or Milton Keynes and want to try before you fly:

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    Im in birmingham but dont mind 2hours or so drive. Just the one off jump for fun.

    UkWomble i shall check that out thanks


    Im in birmingham but dont mind 2hours or so drive. Just the one off jump … Im in birmingham but dont mind 2hours or so drive. Just the one off jump for fun.UkWomble i shall check that out thanks

    No problem,my son did this at the Milton Keynes one a couple of weeks ago and he loved it.If you search on web you may find some offers for it also rather than going direct(he got 2 "flights" for the price of 1)

    You will be able to get some more info here
    British Parachute Association

    Its an absolutely huge adrenaline kick and scares the life out of many. But some get the bug and really become adicted. I think the indoor centres are a good idea as they give some indication of what it would be like in freefall without launcing from a plane.
    There is the option to jump alone - static line - or to do a tandem jump where you are strapped to an instructor and exit higher but with a chance to experience a degree of free fall under controlled conditions.
    Better if you go with a group so you can share experiences.

    Skyline - if you google it it'll bring it straight up. Did a tandem two months ago for help for heroes, amazing! Langar airfield is a DZ near Nottingham which is a bit closer to Birmingham. Hope this helps.

    Ive did one for a real adventure seeker, i wasn't too impressed with it, wasn't even scary...they do tend to do offer for those doing it for a charity but you will need to raise some funds to qualify..its worth a go and if you can get the video/photos as a momento, i have some and they make me smile


    I've done it 4 times. Thoroughly recommended.

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