Sky/FreeSat advice?

My folks have just moved into a house in a reception void.

They have 3 TV's and are not huge watchers but would like a recording function (used to have recordable freeview)

I am assuming their best 'deal' is sky multiroom but I'm a bit confused by all the HD etc.

I see quidco offer £60 cashback - is this hte cheapest way? Any wangles?

They also need Broadband but have just had their BT line connected.

Is Sky BB decent - I have heard bad reports? Should they be trying to ditch BT and go for an entire packahge?

Help appreciated!


Original Poster

I'm just looking at freesat as well.

She is actually after a new TV soon so it might be cost effective to buy one with Freesat built in...oh hang on that does not give recording ability.

I reckon she might be able to get away with 2 TV's working, one recordable and use the 3rd TV with computer and just use iplayer etc.

So Freesat PVR £250 plus another box £80 = £330

Am I better getting sky at £30 ish a month?

They do not need HD!

If you can get one of sky's LLU broadband packages (base/mid/max) then they're supposed to be pretty good but Sky Connect isn't generally that well spoken of.
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