Sky+HD with NO ANNUAL CONTRACT £186 with voucher…spx

    Is this a good deal?
    It seems like you can get Sky HD for a one off fee of £199 with a voucher, bringing it down to £186.

    Sky HD Box, and installation, and dish included with Sky+ functionality.

    Seems pretty good... your thoughts welcomed...


    Nope !

    After 2 months, you will continue to receive Sky TV 4 pack, Sky Movies 1, Sky Sports 1 (£37) and HD pack (£10) for £47 / month. Let us know before your 2 month trial is up if you no long wish to receive Sky TV.

    You will need a Sky+ subscription to continue enjoying Sky+ recording features. Sky+ features free if you continue to receive Sky TV.

    So basically, your getting it for 2 months free- then either pay a monthly subscription, or lose all the functionality of Sky+. If uyou have no sub, you only get to watch CH4 HD & BBC HD which are free anyway.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for clearing that up :-)
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