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    Ok, so I am about the only person I know that does not use Skype. Now one of my friends has moved to Oz, thought I had better get in on the act. Problem being is I have no webcam, can anyone recommend a good one that works particularly well with Skype, or anything else I should be wary of when buying a web cam.



    any cheap wecam will do the job, it just depends on how good the quality of your video you want it to be, HD etc?

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    the quality doesn't really have to be in HD, as I don't think either of our monitors will be able to show HD. I really want the video to be very smooth though, no lagging or anything like that. We both have ok broadband speeds. Anyone know of any webcams that are on sale etc at the moment with good reviews

    You do know that you don't need a cam?

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    Yeah, but I think it would be better if we had cams. It will just make the miles apart seem a lot less

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    Went for this one in the end:…187

    A little worried as it was so cheap, but got great reviews

    Those one's sell on ebay for £5 & I'm not joking.

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    Oh well, ordered now. Just hope it works fine with Skype, not too bothered about the moeny as it's so low, just hope it works the way I want it to, and not be all blocky
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