Skype cordless wanted?

    Does anyone know where i could find a good and cheap cordless shype phone please??????/

    Will be grateful i am not sure if i have posted this in the right section

    Thank you

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    I paid £21.99 delivered for an open box ]Philips VOIP3211 Skype Compatible DECT Telephone (price has unfortunately gone up since then).

    It's a well constructed phone, that works all over the house (3 floors in my case). The base connects to the normal phone line (optional) and a Skype enabled computer (USB port). The handset uses standard rechargeable AAA batteries and it's charging cradle can be placed anywhere in the house.

    I give it 4 out of 5 (looses one point due to the fact that it doesn't allow 3 way Skype conferences and the need to dial international numbers, even for local calls). I especially like the fact it uses normal AAA batteries, since they are cheap/easy to replace.

    In case it is not obvious, the computer must remain switched on in order for the Skype part of the phone to work. Skype phones that don't need a computer start from about £95.

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