skype - how the hell does it work?? specifically france to uk

    my brother needs to know the simplest and cheapest way to keep in touch with an elderly relative while he's in france for a prolonged period.

    he'd probably want to buy a pair of phones and then use skype to skype - he's seen their monthly contract which works out around £4.50 a month for unlimited skype calls within europe.

    is this the best and most simple option?

    where can he get a couple of inexpensive compatible phones.


    Skype to Skype is free ,Just buy two pairs of cheap headsets,

    skype to skype calls are free if you are using a computer to computer regardless which country you are in. However if you have a skype application on your mobile that was from 3, then you can use skype mobile to skype on computer and the other way too. But you cannot as far as Im aware use free skype mobile to mobile to another country, unless you brought skype credits, which wouldnt be free of course lol. Though if you are in the UK you can use mobile to mobile skype on 3 for free. I hope I havent confussed you :oops: If all fails check three website.

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    thanks - i think what he's going to do is just get a compatible handset from three and some credit so he can ring a uk landline whilst he's abroad.
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