Skype mic icon crossed out - how do I make it work???

Found 20th Feb 2016
I have recently bought a Lenovo Tab 2 A10. I've downloaded the skype app and the video works fine but the mic icon is crossed out and, obviously, no one can hear me. I can't find any settings option to sort this out. Can anyone help? Thanks


your problem is it doesn't have a mic. headphone jack and speaker, yes, but no mic - this is why your icon is crossed out, skype can't find a mic to use.

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Ahhh...That explains it. So I'll need to plug one in?

if possible, yes, though not sure what mics are going to be compatible. it does have microusb, so might find a mic that'll plug in there

according to online specs, you have a built in microphone.. argos spec
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Hmmm, I see the specs say voice recognition which I just tried with "OK google" and that works so it must be picking up my voice...

On Skype:

Audio Settings
Microphone (click on the relevant list that's compatible on your tablet)

I don't think you need to purchase a microphone, as there's an internal one built in (I think)

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The problem with the latest android app is that you don't get all those options. On another forum I was advised to download an earlier version of Skype which I have now done and it is all working fine.
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