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Found 6th Jan 2010

Does anyone here know of a good deal on a skype or IP phone?

I have relatives living in a foreign country, I keep ringing them and it's costing me a fortune, plus it's costing them a fortune to ring me.

I was thinking maybe I should buy them an IP phone to connect to their router, preferably one that accepts both SIP and Skype so that they can also call out cheaply using services like voipcheap.


What country do they live in?
Vonage would be a pretty good idea!!

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Ah forget vonage, it's crap and overpriced. I forgot I have a sipura ata 2000 something with two phone ports. I'll use that maybe but I'd be interested in suggestions for an IP phone as it's just easier.

oh damn, I forgot, the sipura doesn't do skype. hmm. Oh well, I guess I can just do a SIP call from my computer.

Ive been using vonage for a year now
its not over priced

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voipbuster.com etc is effectively free to call UK landlines and other landlines and mobiles around the world but the 10 euros you put on the account expires after 90 days so you'll need to use it to make chargeable calls to get your moneys worth.

Vonage is a big company who have used some very dubious business tactics against smaller companies int he past. There have been a few legal cases against them I think.

yeah but if you send one to your relatives they will then have a local UK number wherever they are and for just 5 pounds a month they get unlimited UK national call. Plus you get to call them on a local number too....

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What you've described is £5.99/month for the cheapest package + £2.99/month for the UK number or a £5.99 one off fee for that number.

The Sipura ATA that I have has two phone sockets on it. It would be better to use one of these and get a free UK number from sipgate.co.uk and use that to receive calls abroad. You can use the other line for voipbuster etc.

The only inconvienience is you have to unplug the phone and put it into the other socket each time you want to make a call to the UK and remember to put it back into the other socket when you're finished, however as long as you use the voipbuster credit you have on chargable calls (like Uk mobiles and 0870 numbers), you're basically getting a free service. By the way the equivalent service on vonage to this (i.e.- lots of destinations) is between £9.99 and £14.99 a month as there are a lot of other countries you can call for free on voipbuster, voipcheap etc. The £5.99 one only covers calls to the UK.

Vonage do offer £60 quidco cashback btw but that is not guaranteed.

Not to mention the equipment vonage provide is locked so you can't use other SIP providers. My ATA is unlocked.

Ah I didn't even notice this nasty bit about vonage.

What are the sign up costs?Line activation fee: £9.99Equipment fee: Free … What are the sign up costs?Line activation fee: £9.99Equipment fee: Free - £29.99Equipment delivery fee: £8.99

They only deliver that equipment to the UK too.

Thanks for pointing it out to me anyway though. It's good to know what that company is up to.
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