Skype Or Internet Phones

    Son is at Uni

    I call him from my landline to his mobile, getting costly. Not that I am an overprotective Mum...honest:roll:

    Many people have said it would be much cheaper to use our BBand. But I am confused about what is available. Someone suggested getting x2 skype phones and would cost about £20.

    When I did find them, more like £50 :w00t: and anyway how does it all work.

    Tesco have internet phones, are they the same thing. Is it worth all the bother and money for these additional phones in the end :?


    Free calls from PC to landline in UK & other 20+ countries


    A minimum top up is required to use the free service. I do a 10 euro topup which will provide free calls for 4 months. Of course, you can use the credit to call other countries or mobiles


    I use voipstunt put 10 euro's on for 4 month but i can ring my brothers French mobile for 10p a minute or now he has one his landline for free,If i ring his Uk mobile in france it costs him about 80p.Ringing a uk mobile is 18p I use my speakers and a decent Mike works perfect just posted a voip phone back to Amazon because i couldn't get it to work had a bad echo.I would try with your speakers and a mike first.

    Can use skype with just a microphone and speakers, so wouldnt cost you a thing if you already had those.
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