Skype Phone

    I am looking for a cheap wifi (computer not required) skype phone to purchase.
    It should work just when the modem / router is switched on.. thanks for your help


    These are some of the standard ones built with similar designs and firmware .. These are all 1st Generation Skype WiFi Phones (I think).

    The SMC WSKP100 Skype Wi-Fi phone

    The Belkin Skype WiFi Phone

    The Netgear version

    The Panasonic version

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    Steven thanks for these but anyone know any cheap ones around

    I am looking for one of these too but best I can find is the RTX Dualphone 3088 at 120pounds…tml
    I do not mind if it's skype proprietary but do not want to be forced to have the pc on.

    91 pounds delivered on dabs. just in case it helps anyone

    lol, this thread is months old!
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