Skype Phone and Calls!?

    I am looking at buying a cheapish Skype phone (one for me and one for my parents). Is my understanding correct in thinking that if we were both to get these I could use them solely for making free calls back and forth.

    Has anybody used this before? What are the pros and cons of the system. Most of all is it safe?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. :pirate:


    Compleately safe and you can pick up headphones and mic for Skype for as little as £5 or a Skype phone for around £15

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    Thanks Fordy. How clear are the calls? Is it just like using a normal phone - i can pick up dial the other person and it will ring?

    I have had Skype for a couple of years now and the quality of the call has improved dramatically.

    Still not perfect but clearly audible - works best if you have broadband.

    You choose a skype username, e.g hukd.

    You open the Skype software and if you want to call hukd for example just type it in and that call will be free

    You can also choose to pay for a Skypein number for around 30 euros I think. They allocate you a number after you choose a UK area e.g London 0207.

    This means you can give this number to anybody and it will ring your Skype phone.

    Silly me, but does the other person's pc / laptop have to be switched on for them to receive a call?


    yes it does. and that call would be free.

    if you want to ring their landline you have to use skypeout which costs money but is pretty cheap (especially for international calls)
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