skype phone in the usa...

    I am going to america for 3 months in the summer, i was wondering if i buy a skype phone over here, will it work over there and will it be free etc,



    Does your mobile have wifi connectivity?

    If so see if you can install truphone on it (its free)...[url][/url] or I think. With that you can now call skype and other truphone users free all over the world...might only be useful whilst you have wifi available where you are staying...but is worth knowing about since it is completely free.

    The Skypephone will work for voice as it's triband although it's going to be dependent on coverage, a quad band may be better if the fourth frequency is offered in the area you are based in. The 3G part is 2100Mhz whereas most US operators as far as I'm aware use a different band for their 3G although your calls wouldn't be free anyway as you're roaming.

    It would make more sense to buy a similar type of device in the US as that way you are using your home network and will get much lower costs.


    Oh I should also tell you that for some reason in US/Canada they charge you for INCOMING international sms (if you are using a North American Carrier sim card like AT&T). So it is actually more cost effective to recieve sms on your uk sim (for both people sending (from uk) and for you to recieve it will still be free...well it is on O2 anyway)

    Not an answer to what you asked, but my hubby took a netbook to Florida last month and we used skype on that and my PC to talk.

    skype phone won't work definately, experimented many different ways, only on pc or laptop
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