skype phone wanted

    as cheap as possible


    Arn't these quite cheap from most retailers anyway?

    But good luck though.

    Original Poster

    dunno mate tbh but thanks for post

    You lookin for the skype mobile phone or the wireless ones that connect to a wireless router?

    Hijacking in process......

    Anybody use sipgate? Want to know if its reliable or not as I need a phone. Seems too good to be true getting a free incoming number etc. I suppose they make from the callers costs but still....

    I'm thinking of getting one of these (may be of use to the OP as well ;-) )…ype

    Convet your normal phone / cordless phone to dual function phone with … Convet your normal phone / cordless phone to dual function phone with Voip / Skype support.- Supporting Skype and SIP, H.323, MGCP- 1 USB interface to PC, 1 FXS for regular phone, 1 FXO for PSTIN call relays- Supporting DECT, 2.4G, 900M and any other wireless phones- Make/Receive both VoIP calls and regular PSTN calls- Auto-detection and auto-switch to VoIP or PSTN calls- Phone rings for all incoming VoIP and PSTN calls- VoIP or PSTN calls selected by phone key (*)- Dial using the phone keypads- USB and PSTN line LED indicator- Driver and sound card built-in, no external power required- PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, Phone to Phone operation

    Obviously not from scan as they can be had cheaper on the bay.....

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